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modern art

Awarding winning Watercolorist Robert Walker's modern art reflect his impressions of life, expressed through abstraction in a wide-ranging and impressive display of color. His artistic expression comes in a variety of forms, sometimes soft and serene, sometimes bold and energetic, yet always fun, full of life and exploding with color. Every painting is unique and presents a strong sense of Robert's presence and heritage, inspired by his desire to capture some of life's beauty for others to enjoy.

These Abstract Watercolor Paintings are all original!  There are no prints, lithographs or any type of reproduction.

At Robert Walker's Gallery of Abstract Watercolors, you'll discover an easy to use web site with many abstract watercolor paintings.  They can be viewed in a black frame or view them unframed.

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Look no further. You'll find it at Robert Walker's Gallery of Abstract Watercolors!

Untitled 87

Untitled 87

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